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In 2013 this website was launched by the Ministry describing Israel as a unique destination for international conventions. The Israel Ministry of Tourism offered the caveat that they were not responsible for the information appearing on this site, since it was provided by third parties. Consequently the use of this web site and the responsibility therefore falls solely upon the information providers.
In 2016 this notice appeared on the site: As a result of the current geo political/security situation in Israel, which may cause cancellations of international conferences which have been planned to take place in Israel during 2016, or a decrease in the number of participants in these events, the Ministry of Tourism has decided to enable submission of requests for the “Safety Net” Procedure also for international conferences taking place during 2016.
When the site's domain registration was not renewed, Go Israel Conference disappeared from the web.

The new owners of the domain felt that much of the information that was relevant in 2016 is applicable now. Content is from the site's 2016 archived pages.


Spirit of Israel

Spirit of Israel

Israel, the Holy Land and cradle of civilization, is a country steeped in history and rich in cultural life. Israel is a vibrant modern country and thriving democracy known for technological innovation and ingenuity. Israel truly offers something for everyone. Turn on the speakers, watch the video to see what experiences await you in Israel.


Not just a land of milk and honey…. Israel is a country abundant with options for unforgettable conferences and conventions, able to accommodate from 50-10,000 participants. In contrast to a land steeped in history, Israel offers ultra-modern facilities with cutting-edge A/V equipment, lighting systems, translation booths, multilingual services and infrastructure for computerized presentations.

And since today’s world is dynamic, Israel’s convention centers provide everything you need to keep pace and get your news out. Press rooms are linked to every corner of the globe through world-class communications systems that support international video conferencing and direct access to all major television networks.

Israel boasts not only a breathtaking Mediterranean coast, but also hotels with unsurpassed convention facilities: in the major cities of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa, rural towns in the northern Galilee and on the shores of the Dead Sea and Red Sea in the south. All are exceptional, with captivating locations for gala openings or closings. What’s more, Israel’s universities are equipped with top-rate conference facilities, offering unique sites for conferences.

Visitors can bask in the sunshine and revel in history, while enjoying hotel accommodations suited to all tastes and budgets – from luxury hotel chains in the main cities to spa resorts in Eilat, the Galilee and Dead Sea and pastoral settings such as kibbutz guest houses and hotels. 

And don’t forget pre- and post-congress touring, including archaeological sites, classic Holy Land tours, spa treatments, sports and desert adventures. Accompanying persons will also keep busy with endless options for sightseeing and shopping during the convention. Israel’s PCOs will gladly coordinate all services and events.

If such applications are submitted, they will be checked by the executive committee according to the Procedure, with regard to the special security situation prevailing today in Israel.



Israel offers endless exciting, exotic and memorable options for incentive travel. The varied landscape provides a diverse array of outdoor activity: jeep rides in the desert, seeing the sunrise and sharing breakfast atop Masada overlooking the Dead Sea, windsurfing in the Red Sea, floating in the Dead Sea and extreme sports too. Classic Holy Land tours, including walking “in the footsteps of Jesus” along the Gospel Trail, can share the program with lavish nighttime productions in the desert, on the beach or at a unique historical site. Pamper your clients with a mud massage at the Dead Sea, a beauty treatment along the Red Sea, yoga, tai chi or even a journey into mysticism… Tel Aviv and Jerusalem are world-renowned for their scintillating nightlife, and the entertainment and cultural options are endless. For the foodies, visit boutique wineries, olive oil and cheese farms. Everything is possible within this small, but exotic, country. The sky is the limit so give your employees a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!


Related: I had to cancel a trip to Israel in 2016 because of the unrest that was prevalent in the area. Actually the conference was canceled so I also cancelled the vacation part of the trip. In the intervening years I have flown to Japan and India on business, took an Alaskan cruise with family members, spent three months in Bonaire snorkeling and learning how to scuba dive, and did a grand tour of our national parks out west visiting California, Arizona, Utah, Montana, Colorado, and Idaho. While rock climbing in Joshua Tree I met a woman who was singing the praises of her search engine optimization consultant, TNG/Earthling's Bob Sakayama who is based in NYC. These guys can get your product ranking on page 1 in Google searches and her company was reaping the rewards of that visibility. This is why travel is so important - meeting people, which introduces one to worlds & ideas you would otherwise never experience. I learned about seo by climbing rocks in a national park, and was able to amp up our own business as a result. I had planned a trip to Europe this Spring but that was put on hold when Covid-19 hit. I sit at home in New York City planning imaginary trips that aren't going to happen till there is a reliable vaccine. Looks like a trip in late 2021 might be feasible. Fingers crossed.



Gourmet Food & Award-Winning Wine

Taste and touch fine olive oil made in ancient and modern presses. Immerse yourself in history by traveling down the Incense Route, and by embarking on agricultural ecotourism learn why sustainable is delicious.

Hungry? There’s no shortage of fine dining experiences, with restaurants serving up international dishes and highly diverse ethnic cuisine.


Sports, Desert Adventure & Water Fun

Such a small country packed with geographic diversity. From easy walking tours to extreme hiking and climbing, experience the excitement of Israel in the water, on land and in the air. The options abound!

Swim with the dolphins in Israel’s southernmost city of Eilat and then relax with a fish spa pedicure. When you’re ready for more action, go scuba diving and view Eilat’s spectacular coral reefs.

But that’s not all - imagine the thrill of kayaking on the Jordan River or at Rosh HaNikra, go out on paddle boats or sail on the Jesus Boat on the Sea of Galilee.

And for those who prefer something more laid back, birdwatching in the Hula Valley, easy cycling along the beaches of Tel Aviv Beach or the Sea of Galilee are also memorable experiences.

But why stop there? Experience the power of rappelling in the desert, a jeep trek ending with dinner under the stars or an early morning breakfast watching the sunrise at Masada

The more adventurous can go mountain biking in Timna Park and extreme horseback riding in the Golan Heights. Israel also offers ample opportunity for windsurfing, hang gliding or skydiving.

Not bad for a country whose history spans millennia!


Music, Museums & History Come Alive

Surprise your client with a VIP tour, candlelight dinner and performance at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem or the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. Visit the holy sites in Jerusalem, Nazareth and along the Sea of Galilee, sail on the “Jesus Boat,” pray at the sacred tombs of the righteous, and be moved by the experience. Top that with visits to the archaeology sites at Acre and Caesarea to truly make history come alive!


Beauty Therapy & Spiritual Rejuvenation

Give your clients an opportunity to indulge in an amazing array of treatments, including a mud massage or beauty treatment of nourishing minerals from the Dead Sea, 400 meters below sea level, “the lowest natural health spa in the world,” an olive branch massage, hot stone treatment, aromatherapy massage or a relaxing warm Ayurveda treatment.

To recharge the spirit, try holistic therapies in the Western Galilee or meditation and yoga in the quiet of the Negev desert. Discover the mysteries of Jewish mysticism (Kabala) and take in some Klezmer music in the picturesque city of Safed, one of the four holy cities in Israel.

Israel: discover the spirit!


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The Israel Ministry of Tourism is not responsible for the information appearing on this site, provided by third parties. The use of this web site and the responsibility therefore falls solely upon the information providers.